Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

$650 (one session)

$50 touchup

Eyeliner can help change the shape of an individual’s eye. When it is applied properly, it can make the eyes look bigger and more noticeable. Pencil liners are so inconvenient – smearing and smudging constantly – and impossible to use in any situation that involves water, sweating, crying, rain or humidity. To prevent any inconveniences, semi-permanent eyeliner procedure is for you! Semi-permanent eyeliner can last up to 3 years with great maintenance. No more concern when participating in sporting activities. Your appearance remains consistently fresh throughout the day and night! 

Benefits of Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

• Semi-Permanent Solution (2-3 years)
• Safe application
• Non-toxic and hypoallergenic material
• Variety of choice in pigments that can be blended to
enhance your natural eye colour. This way, you can look
your best, 24 hours a day, without having to worry about

your eyeliner smearing or smudging on top of your busy
• Contact lens wearers (you do not have to worry about
getting eyeliner makeup infecting your lens)
• Hay-fever/pollen sufferers
• Clients who have unsteady hands and find make up
difficult to apply
• Lack of time to apply eyeliner, but at the same time need
the confidence that make up gives them
• Clients who are sensitive to conventional make up
• No more “tired” eyes – your eyes will look flawless 24/7,
creating fresh and youthful look

Let us help you achieve the look you're looking for! 

It's time you live with smudge-free and long lasting eyeliner.