In-person Consultation ($100)

During the consultation, we will discuss about your eyebrows expectations, what you're looking for, etc.  You may show us pictures on what you're looking for, however, the pictures may show that their eyebrows might be ideal for them but may not be for you. To ensure that we find the ideal shape for your eyebrows, we will design your eyebrows to show you YOUR perfect eyebrows.  Each eyebrows shape is customized for every individual and it usually takes the majority of time. The consultation is $100, which will go towards the procedure cost if you decide to book for the actual microblading procedure. 

Complimentary Online Consultation

We also provide free online consultation which you can simply send in a picture of your natural, no makeup eyebrows to our email address and we will get back to you within a day. After we send you our recommendation, you may book for your appointment on our website.

When you make an appointment to have the procedure done, we will do the same thing as we would for the in-person consultation. Discuss about your eyebrows expectations, design your eyebrows, and ensure that you have agreed with the shape and color prior to the microblading process.

Now, are you ready for your new beautiful eyebrows?