Online consultation is recommended for new clients for microblading. We kindly request pictures of your natural eyebrows without any make-up to be sent to our email at Havy will then review your pictures and give you a recommendation on which procedure would be most ideal for your look. On the day of your appointment, an in-person consultation will take place where you & Havy can discuss your eyebrows goals/expectations. Please allow reminder/notification when you make your appointment. We appreciate your time and can't wait to work with you!

Before making your appointment, do any of these factors apply to you?




Taking blood thinner*


If any of these factors apply to you, it would make you ineligible for the procedure since you would be at a higher risk of getting an infection. If none of these factors apply to you, please proceed with booking your appointment.

*Please contact your doctor for a doctor's note stating that microblading would be safe for you

before booking your appointment

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